FiSMA Activities:

  • Scope Manager Forum, guiding development of the estimation tool and experience database, their management and support.
  • Process Management theme group, FiSMA Gnosis Method Special Interest Group, guiding support and development of the method based on ISO 15504 standard and CMMI.
  • Working Groups preparing new interpretation rules and counting practises in functional sizing and estimation areas.
  • Meetings and seminars for the members about software measurement topics.
  • Participation in ISO standardisation in the software process and measurement areas (ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 mandate of national body of Finland)
  • Dissemination of drafts of ISO standards, method packages, research reports, articles and other related information in software measurement and quality management areas using our extranet.

Our long-term target is to empower and accelerate Nordic and Baltic co-operation on all SMA interest areas. All interested Nordic software organisations, please contact us!

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