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Certified Functional Safety Manager training 22 – 25.4. Innopolissa


More detailed information in English after the Finnish language section.

FiSMA ja Spinet Oy järjestävät yhdessä Safety Manager –koulutuksen. Koulutus on pilotti-toteutus EU-projektissa kehitetyn Certified Functional Safety Manager roolikuvauksen validoimiseksi ja voidaan siksi tarjota FiSMAn jäsenille ilmaiseksi. Kurssin käyneet voivat osallistua myös tenttiin ja saada todistuksen koulutuksesta. Kurssi pidetään englanniksi.

Kurssille voidaan ottaa vain 10 ensiksi ilmoittautunutta. FiSMA tarjoaa aamu- ja iltapäiväkahvit. Osallistujat vastaavat omista matka-, majoitus- ja lounaskuluistaan.

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Certified Functional Safety Manager (SafEUr) training, 22.-25.4.2013

FiSMA and Spinet organise together a pilot training course for validating the Certified Functional Safety Manager’s job role description, which has been developed in the EU project SafEUr. The course could be offered free of charge for FiSMA members, because piloting the training is part of the SafEUr project.

Time: The course starts on Monday 22 April at 10:15 and ends on Thursday 25 April at 16:30 (last day is mainly reserved for the exam)

Venue: Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14, Espoo, room JUNG on the sixth floor

The participation is limited to 10 seats. After the training on Thursday 25 April it is possible to take part to the exam and all who pass will get a diploma of Certified Functional Safety Manager. The detailed course description and guidance to the e-learning material will be delivered beforehand for those who have made a registration.

FiSMA will offer morning and afternoon coffees, but participants would cover their potential other expenses (travelling, accommodation, lunch etc.).

Please use the following link for the registration: http://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/8381156F9EA927D6.par

Functional safety of modern products and industry systems containing embedded systems has become a first priority in several industrial sectors. The IEC61508 group of standards requires companies to have in place ”Functional Safety Management”. Domain specialized standards like ISO 26262 for the passenger cars complement IEC 61508.

The newly developed SafEUr skill card covers:

  • Introduction to Functional Safety Management,
  • Management of Functional Safety,
  • Engineering Aspects of Functional Safety,
  • Functional Safety on product and production level, and
  • Legal Aspects of Functional Safety.


  • Dr. Christian Kreiner, Graz University of Technology, Institute for Technical Informatics (Austria)
  • Dr. Andreas Riel, EMIRAcle – European Manufacturing and Innovation Research Association (Belgium and France)

The goal of SafEUr is to develop a Europe-wide agreed syllabus and skills set for a Certified Functional Safety Manager with a clear focus on practice. The need for qualified safety personnel is obvious also the need for a commonly agreed skills set for a Functional Safety Manager. As SafEUr is designed as a modular course, a trainee can attend course Units and Elements separately and independently, although it is recommended to attend the entire SafEUr course.

Development of the SafEUr job role and training is funded by the EU grant 518632-LLP-1-2011-1-AT-LEONARDO-LMP.

The development of this Training Material was partly funded by the EU under: Leonardo da Vinci programme 518632-LLP-1-2011-1-AT-LEONARDO-LMP. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Further information about ECQA: http://ecqa.org/index.php?id=354 (please, do NOT register here but using link above)

Further information about SafEUr project: http://www.safeur.eu

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