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SPIN Meeting 4/2010

Innopoli II (Tekniikantie 14, Espoo), Meeting room Jung 6th floor,

Our next FiSMA SPIN meeting 4/2010 will be held on Wednesday, September 22nd afternoon from 13.30 until 16.15.  Meeting will be held in FiSMA office building Innopoli II (Tekniikantie 14, Espoo), meeting room Jung in 6th floor.

We have two prepared presentations in this meeting, see agenda topics 3 and 4. As before, also other contributions from members are welcome! Agenda for this meeting is in currently following:

Opening, participants

Agenda of FiSMA SPIN meeting 4/2010

Timo Mäkinen: presentation of results of his doctoral dissertation
"Towards Assessment Driven Software Process Modelling" (presentation and discussion, appr 1 hour)
Timo Honkanen: Case Vaisala, Experiences from software
process integrated with SCRUM (presentation and discussion, appr 1 hour)

Information from SPI related events: EuroSPI 2010, SPI Manifesto (Nevalainen)

Any other topic as required by FiSMA members

Next FiSMA SPIN meeting

We plan to have at least one additional meeting during 2010, sometimes during early November. I would be very happy, if some member(s) would like to share their experiences also then.

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