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EuroSPI 2012 Wienissä kesäkuussa

Julkaistu 9.2.2012

Call for Papers

For the EuroSPI 2012 Conference you can submit Workshop, Research, Experience and PhD Papers.

Deadline for the submission is the 24.02.2012. Late submissions exceeding the deadline require an allowance from the conference chairs. To request a late submission please send an email to rmess@iscn.com.

Researchers are asked to write scientific papers with a practical background, which could be re-used in industry. Research papers have to provide proof or/and case studies for the success of new described methods.

Industry experts are asked to write experience/industry papers with a vision, which could fruitfully push the ideas of researchers again. The applied methods and techniques shall have a focus on innovating and improving processes and products.

Take your Chance and Contribute to Interactive Workshops, Research and Industry Sessions!
Why EuroSPI?

EuroSPI is unique in the way to bring together both, researchers and industry. We are also unique in the way that we are supported by several leading publishers:
•    research papers and key papers of the workshops will be published in Springer;
•    industry/experience papers will be published in Wiley;
•    selected applied science papers will be published in Elsevier Science;
•    all other papers will be published in the DELTA series for process improvement by Publizon.

Since 2010 we have also been cooperating with the international IGI journal for people issues.

This year key notes from world’s leading companies and universities will be part of the conference: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AGs (Austria), MAGNA Powertrain (Austria), James Madison University (USA), Griffith University (Australia).
Conference Topics
•    Assessment and Process Models (ISO/IEC 15504, IEC 61508, ISO/IEC 15288, ITIL, ISO 20000)
•    Agile Development
•    Global Software Development
•    Outsourcing Strategies
•    Experiences in Branches (Automotive, Finance, Medical, Software Development)
•    Improvement Case Studies (Implementing SPICE, Implementing Safety, Requirements Management, Testing, Design. Knowledge Management, Team Learning, Measurement, Configuration Management, Risk Management, Requirements Elicitation, System Process Improvement, System Design Strategies, Product Design Strategies, Service Strategies, Networked Collaboration Principles)
•    People Issues (Multicultural Issues, Social Responsibility, Ethics, Motivation and Acceptance)
•    Innovation (Research and Entrepreneurship, Organisational Learning, Open Innovation)
Who should attend?
•    Quality Manager
•    Improvement Manager
•    Researcher
•    Project Manager
•    Innovation Manager
•    Experienced Practitioner
•    Business Manager
How to submit?
Workshop, Research, Experience and PhD paper can be submitted here.

Please follow the mentioned instructions!

SPI Manifesto
On the 2nd September 2009 at University of Alcala, Madrid, Spain, with a participation of experts from 14 countries an SPI manifesto has been created. More on the topic can be found here.

The SPI manifesto will be promoted at each EuroSPI conference and conference attendees will have a chance of contributing to SPI manifesto knowledge topics and creating a future SPI body of knowledge.

Get in touch!

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