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Julkaistu 7.3.2012

ISBSG Offers Easy Public Access to Software Industry Project History Data via New Online Data Portal
ISBSG, the global and independent source of data and analysis for the software industry, releases new online service that offers all organisations and individuals easy access to its industry data repository of close to 6,000 software projects.
March 7, 2012.

The ISBSG’s publicly available repository of software projects can now be accessed by individuals and organisations via an online Data Portal. With close to 6,000 projects, from 21 countries, across 15 major industry types, the repository data is available to help with estimating; reality checking; benchmarking; bid support; and project planning, management and control.

“The ISBSG Data Portal is an innovative service that provides organisations with the data they need to make solid decisions about software development practices and their impact”, says Peter Hill, ISBSG’s CEO.  “In the past organisations licensed all the data in the repository in order to get the data subsets they required.  Now, using the data portal organisations only pay for the data they need. This is far more efficient and cost-effective.”
Data accessed via the portal can be used to compare the performance of projects; base estimates on industry history; check estimates’ reality; plan projects using industry experience; support bids/quote with facts from industry data; set improvement KPIs; and reduce project risk (effort/duration/defects).  Portal users can search, filter and view the ISBSG software project history data, then use a standard set of reports and data analysis OLAP tool.
‘The ISBSG Data Portal provides access to valuable industry project data, no matter an organisation’s size or budget,” says Capers Jones.  “The data portal is easy to use and cost effective. I recommend it to anyone who needs hard data for their software management decisions.”

About the ISBSG
ISBSG Ltd (www.isbsg.org), considered the global and independent source of data and analysis for the software industry, has two international, public repositories of software history data.

Established in 1997, the ISBSG is a global, not-for-profit organisation that is recognised and accepted as a trustworthy and independent custodian of software history data. That trust is reflected in the growth of its data repositories, the largest of these carrying history data from nearly 6,000 software development projects.  Organisations are willing to submit their data for inclusion in the ISBSG Repository safe in the knowledge that security and anonymity is guaranteed.

The ISBSG enjoys international status and recognition, with corporate subscribers to the ISBSG data and products including significant corporations like: ATOS, Euroclear, Lockheed Martin, IBM, Infosys, ING,  and Renault.

Peter R Hill
Phone: +61 3 9645 0369

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