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EuroSPI 2012 Wienissä heti juhannuksen jälkeen

Julkaistu 8.4.2012

Hei vaan suomalaiset toiminnan kehittäjät! Ks alla kutsu ja tiedot EuroSPI2012 konferenssista. Tarjooma on siellä huikea, kannattaa tulla! FISMA ry on monessa mukana, mm. kahden workshopin pääjärjestäjänä (Functional safet Measurement).

Risto Nevalainen

19. EuroSPI Conference 25. – 27.06.2012 Vienna, Austria



We  are  a  serious European initiative established in 1994. If you do not want  to  receive emails from EuroSPI anymore,  please send a message with subject DELETE to eurospi@iscn.com.


Take  your  Chance  and  Participate  in  Workshops, Research and Industry Sessions!

The  EuroSPI  conference  presents  and  discusses  results from  systems, software and services process improvement  (SPI)  projects in industry and research, focusing on the  benefits gained and the criteria for success.

This  year’s  event  is  the  19th  of  a  series  of conferences to which international  researchers  and  professionals  contribute  their  lessons learned  and  share  their  knowledge as they work towards the next higher level of software management professionalism.

The  EuroSPI  initiative  is  recognised  by the world leading publishers:

Springer,  Wiley,  IGI Global and Elsevier Sciences. EuroSPI  also  offers an  experience  library, a newsletter on innovation and improvement topics and workshop communities.


Sebastian Schoensmaul

KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, Austria

Integration of ”Functional Safety” into Quality

Management of KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

Taz Daughtrey

James Madison University and ASQ, USA

Integrity in Software Process Improvement


Gunther Spork

Magna Powertrain, Austria

Experience with Requirements Engineering

Considering Automotive Standards

Jorn Johansen

DELTA,  Denmark

The SPI Manifesto – Update on the SPI nStrategies

Richard Messnarz

EuroSPI General Chair

How to participate in future EuroSPI strategies


Workshop Day – 25.06.2012

Since   2010   EuroSPI  has  been  building  workshop  communities.  These

communities  will  publish  a  call  on the EuroSPI website to attract key papers.  Three  key  papers  per  workshop  will  be published in Springer

Communications   in   Computer  and  Information  Science  (CCIS)  Series.

Workshops are interactive  and allow participants to jointly elaborate key values and principles.

- Workshop 1: Innovating Innovation

- Workshop 2: Standards  and  Experiences  with  the  Implementation   of

Functional Safety

- Workshop 3: SPICE  Assessors  -  Exchanging Assessment Experiences – in

Cooperation with Gate4SPICE meetings organised by iNTACS(tm)

- Workshop 4: Business Process Innovation and Improvement

- Workshop 5: Measurement as Basis for Improvement

- Workshop 6: SPI in SMEs – A Project Management Perspective

On 26.-27.6.2012  the  conference  runs in 3 parallel tracks (research and industry/experience sessions). The conference contains 6 research sessions and 12 industry/experience sessions,  an  exhibition,  with  a total of 59 presentations,  2  key notes and 3 plenary sessions from 22 countries. The sessions  are  held in a style allowing  more  discussions  to include the audience actively.

Conference Day 1 – 26.06.2012

- ES1: SPI & GSD

- ES2: SPI & Improvement 1

- ES3: SPI & Improvement 2

- RS1: SPI & Business Factors

- RS2: SPI & Assessment Models

- RS3: SPI & SPI in SMEs

- ES4: SPI & Agile 1

- ES5: SPI & Agile 2

- ES6: SPI & Functional Safety

- ES7: SPI & Stakeholder Improvement

- ES8: SPI & Engineering

- ES9: SPI & IT Services

Conference Day 2 – 27.06.2012

- ES10: SPI & Management

- ES11: SPI & Models

- ES12: SPI & Assessment

- RS4: SPI & Improvement Approaches

- RS5: SPI & SW Quality

- RS6: SPI & Service Improvement

A detailed time table and further information about the different sessions is available online at http://2012.eurospi.net .


Please    use   the    online   registration,   which   can  be  found  at

http://2012.eurospi.net .


Adrienne Clarke, BA


Tel: +353 1 205 00 20

Fax: +353 1 205 00 21

e-mail: aclarke@iscn.com

For more information: http://2011.eurospi.net/

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