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EuroSPI 2013 Dundalk, Irlanti 25 – 27.6.

Julkaistu 17.9.2012

20. EuroSPI Conference
25. – 27.June 2013
Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

The EuroSPI conference presents and discusses results from systems, software and services process improvement and innovation (SPI) projects in industry and research, focusing on the gained benefits and the criteria for success.

2013.eurospi.net Conference Web Site and registration

www.eurospi.net Initiative Web Site

The EuroSPI 2013 program has been published (2013.eurospi.net). EuroSPI 2013 will have 4 international workshops on day 1, and on the conference days 2 and 3 there will be 4 international key notes,  approx. 60 presentations from leading industry and leading reseaach institutes, and a joint paper award with the American Society of Quality.

This year there will be an extra 4th day to celebrate 20 years of EuroSPI.

EuroSPI is unique in the way it brings both communities, researchers and industry, together. It is also unique in the way that we have two proceedings, research papers with Springer and industry/experience papers  with Wiley. We also publish key notes of the interactive workshops in Springer.  Since 2010 we also cooperate with the international IGI journal for people issues.

This background corresponds with the theme as follows:

- \”Experiences with the Implementation\”: It is not enough to describe a new method or idea. We need proof or case studies that the method worked

- \”Improvement and Innovation \”: The applied methods and techniques shall  have a focus on innovating and improving processes and products.

- \”Related Benefits in the Organisation\”: The benefits  measured / analysed for the organisation must be outlined.

Key Notes

Key notes come from leading industry and leading universities in the world:

Sandor Dolgos

Development Head, BBraun Avitum R&D Machines, Location Budapest. B.Braun Avitum is a key player in the dialysis market worldwide

The MediSPICE Challenge

Susumu Sasabe

Adviser, JUSE (Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers)

The SQuBOK® as a useful knowledge tool for global teamwork: Towards global collaboration on software quality and software process improvement

Martin Neureiter

Manager ISO 26000 Development, CSR Company

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a Tool for Hard Core Business Improvement

Fergal McCaffery & Val Casey DKIT, Ireland

The Development and Initial Implementation of MediSPICE

20th Anniversary Key Note Speakers

All of the key notes will reflect the past 20 years and guide the audience to the next 20 years of future innovation and improvement visions. They will leave a footprint in the mindset of attending  researchers and industry managers.

Anniversary Key Note 1 – Networking in the Past and in the Future

Micheal Mac An Airchinnigh, Trinity College, President ISCN, Ireland

Anniversary Key Note 2 – The Essence of Project Success and Scope Management

Carol Dekkers, Quality Plus Technologies, USA

Anniversary Key Note 3 – The End of the IT Age –  Chances for Learning Organization

Prof. Dr. Bernd Hindel, Method Park Software AG, Germany

Anniversary Key Note 4 – Software Quality – The Past, Present,  and Future

Patricia McQuaid, American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB), California Polytechnic State University, USA

Anniversary Key Note 5 – Software Process Innovation for Future

Kouichi Kishida, Technical Advisor, Software Research Associates, Inc., Japan

Anniversary Key Note 6 – EuroSPI – Agora with a View and Impact on the Historical Ups and Downs of the SPI Hype Cycle

Miklos Biro, Software Competence Center Hagenberg, Austria

Anniversary Key Note 7 – SPI successes and failures in the last 20 years and a view and thoughts on the next 20 years

Jørn Johansen, DELTA, Danish Electronic Light & Acoustics, Denmark

Anniversary Key Note 8 – Evolving process standards: towards integrated process and product quality

Risto Nevalainen, SPINET, Finland

Anniversary Key Note 9 – SPI and Sfifting Paradigms – a Mapping to Modern Engineering Philosophy as an Outlook

Richard Messnarz, ISCN, Ireland and Austria

History of EuroSPI

EuroSPI\’s mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged and knowledge can be gathered and shared.

EuroSPI represents a European experience forum collaborating with nearly all SPINs in Europe. EuroSPI offers experiences which can be re-used creating benefits in your own organisation .

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