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Nuclear SPICE course

Julkaistu 23.6.2014

—     Kurssille etsitään sopivampaa toteutusajankohtaa   —

FiSMA has been an active partner in Finnish national nuclear safety research program SAFIR 2014 for several years. Main responsibility has been to develop process assessment approaches for safety-critical systems and software in nuclear power domain. Now this work is nearly finished and the result is Nuclear SPICE model. It is an integrated set of SPICE (ISO/IEC 15504 and 330xx standard), selected nuclear domain safety standards and selected nuclear regulatory guides. Nuclear SPICE model has been validated in several pilot assessments with system suppliers for Finnish nuclear industry. Nuclear SPICE assessments can be applied to supplier qualification, project qualification, and product development qualification with strict safety-criticality.

FiSMA Association, Spinet Oy and Teollisuuden Voima Oy (a Finnish nuclear power company) will organize a 4-day Nuclear SPICE training during week 38 in Helsinki, Finland. Training days are 16 – 19.9.2014.  Training will lead to Provisional Nuclear SPICE Assessor certificate, to act as a team member in internal or independent assessments.

Price for each participant is 2000 EUR + VAT, FiSMA members 1600 EUR + VAT.

More detailed course description is also available.

Registration: link

More information: Risto Nevalainen, Senior Advisor in FiSMA, risto.nevalainen@fisma.fi.

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