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Agile worskhop 18.5.2011 13 – 17: Now I have done “Agile”! What’s next?

Julkaistu 18.2.2011

Join us for an interesting half day with the theme Now I have done “Agile”! What’s next? (18-May-2011, 13:00-17:00, Tietotie 6 Auditorium C1044/Tieto office in Otaniemi, Espoo.

For a large number of years, Agile Software Development has been the popular response from companies wanting to break free from project delays, budget overruns and poor quality. On this day we will make a spot check on how the situation looks after having successfully (?) introduced Agile. What benefits did it bring? Are there any areas where Agile did not deliver as expected? And most importantly: looking ahead from a position of having implemented Agile, what are the challenges and next steps for further advancements?

The purpose of this event is to offer an opportunity to meet speakers from prominent companies in Finland that have introduced Agile. Based on their learnings as well as yours we will have time to bring up interesting questions and topics for discussion. The event will be set up to offer a lot of opportunities for interaction with presenters as well as other participants in an informal setting.

Preliminary program:

  • Opening, Morten Elvang (Nokia, SPIN Chair)
  • Creating a problem solving culture, Jorrit De Groot, Vaisala
  • Lessons from distributed development with agile, Antti Välimäki, Metso Automation
  • Learnings from Agile Enterprise, Tomi Tarvainen, Nokia
  • Beyond Agile/Why Agile is not enough, Sampo Salonen (EVP, Global Delivery & Quality), Tieto Oyj
  • Open floor discussions between presenters and participants
  • Closing panel with reflections from presenters


This event is organized by the Finnish Capital Area SPIN [Link: www.fisma.fi/spin]. Members of the program committee  are Jorrit De Groot (Vaisala), Risto Nevalainen (Fisma) and Morten Elvang (Nokia, SPIN Chair).

Participation and registration

The event is free, with a maximum of 50 participants. Please register in http://www.webropol.com/P.aspx?id=525188&cid=28263771 , latest Friday 13.5.2011.

When registering, please shortly list why you are interested to participate and pleas also specifically list one question or topic you are interested in discussion. We also have some flexibility with respect to the number of presentations, so please let us know if you are interested in giving a short presentation. We welcome all contributions.

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