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International Experience Forum September 27th, 2011

Julkaistu 31.8.2011

International Experience Forum

September 27th, 2011

Haaga-Helia Auditorium

Ratapihantie 13, 00520 Helsinki, Finland

Morning session

Ron Kaufman’s energizing and entertaining presentation highlights the key principles that everyone in every company and organization must apply now to deliver superior service.

08.30        Morning coffee with Ron Kaufman

09.00        Opening of the seminar

09.10        The Secrets of Superior Service - Ron Kaufman

(there is a short break sometime in the middle)

12.00 – 13.00      Lunch

Afternoon session, chaired by Pekka Forselius, FiSMA

13.00        ISBSG Data and Knowledge for (FiSMA) members and (Finnish) ITPeter Hill, ISBSG, Australia

13.45        Project Performance Benchmarking in JapanJacky Takahashi, IPA, Japan

14.30        Coffee break

15.00        Productivity Factors for Software DevelopmentLuca Santillo, Agile Metrics, Italy

15.45        Nesma 2020: the next stepTon Dekkers, Galorath, The Netherlands

16.40        Learning from Experiences at HPChristine Green, HP, Denmark

17.25                  Closing of the seminar


FiSMA member organizations: 300 EUR (+ VAT 23 %) per person

Others: 400 EUR (+ VAT 23 %) per person

Terms of registration and cancellation:

You can cancel your registration without charge two (2) weeks before the seminar. If later, we will charge 50 % of the fee. If you skip the seminar without any announcement, we will charge the whole fee. However, if you are unable to participate yourself, you can appoint someone else to participate from your organization without extra cost.

Registration: No later than September 12th


More information: pekka.forselius@4sumpartners.com

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