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FiSMA hosted Experience Forum and ISBSG 2011 workshop

Julkaistu 2.9.2011

September is here with all raining and darkening nights, but don't get
frustrated yet. There are good news too: FiSMA and Haaga-Helia organize
the International Experience Forum conference together. This is an event
not to miss!

World famous speaker Ron Kaufman from Singapore will talk about quality of
service  and service process improvement. The topic is really important
for all of us, and always actual, of course. Ron Kaufman will entertain us
all the morning.

In the afternoon we will bring you real expertize of benchmarking and
measurement from ISBSG representatives world-wide. Peter Hill, the CEO of
International Benchmarking Standards Group, will tell us how to benefit
from the data and knowledge gathered by ISBSG. This data is organized in
two impressive repositories: More than 5000 Development&Enhancement
projects and more than 500 appliacations in the Maintenance&Support data

Mitsuhiro "Jacky" Takahashi from IPA, and ISO standards, is going to
explain why and how they are so extremely successful in benchmarking and
organizational learning in Japan.

Luca Santillo is the current President of GUFPI-ISMA. He will introduce
the results of their research about IT project productivity. What are the
most useful and effective productivity factors for estimation and process
improvement purposes?

Ton Dekkers from Nesma, our Dutch sister organization, will talk about
Nesma future views till 2020. Maybe there are some good ideas to adopt -
either within FiSMA or your own organization. Ton is the Past President of
ISBSG and President of Nesma, working for the international benchmarking
and tool vendor Galorath.

Our last presentation will be given by Christine Green from HP, Denmark.
She will tell us about the best-practices applied at HP, which is no doubt
one of the IT worls mos successful corporations. How they keep learning
from experiences, and how they use measurement and metrics effectively?

All other information that you need, e.g. to tell about the event to your
boss and other people, or to registrate, you'll find from the attached

See you in Haaga-Helia Auditorium!

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