FiSMA – For better Management

Finnish Software Measurement Association FiSMA is a non-profit, independent association focusing on better management through improving the quality and measurability of software & systems engineering and IT service management.

FiSMA membership is intended for all companies, research units, universities and other institutes interested in software measurement. At the moment, there are about 30 active member organisations and local software process improvement networks (SPINs).

FiSMA has published The TOP-10 list of recommended metrics, you can find it here.

FiSMA is actively participating standardisation activities in cooperation with SFS in ISO/IEC JTC1 subcommittee SC7, Software and Systems Engineering.

Areas of standardisation with particular FiSMA interest:

  • Software and systems engineering frameworks (ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207, 15288)
  • Agile and DevOps standardization
  • Process assessment (ISO/IEC 330xx)
  • Measurement of software projects (ISO/IEC 14143, 29881)
  • IT service management (ISO/IEC 20000)
  • Product quality (ISO/IEC 25000)
  • Process profiles of very small enterprises (ISO/IEC 29110)
  • Software testing (ISO/IEC 29119)
  • Systems and software assurance (ISO/IEC 15026)
  • System of systems – SoS (ISO/IEC/IEEE 21839)

Major part of FiSMA’s operations consists of knowledge and experience sharing about upcoming standards and how to utilize the existing ones. Knowledge sharing takes place in different workgroup meetings, seminars and workshops. Standards create added value for software industry through shortening time-to-market by offering common concepts for all stakeholders. This is especially valued by companies operating internationally, but also local software companies benefit of using standards.

FiSMA arranges training for the members in order to ease the utilisation of standards.

FiSMA was established in 1992 as LATURI user group. In 1998 it changed its name to FiSMA and expanded its operation to the current level. FiSMA is a member in ISBSG (International Software Benchmarking Standards Group) and in EuroSPI network.