FiSMA has developed and published the northernSCOPE™ concept for software program and project scope management. European Certification and Qualification Association ECQA and it’s training partners (e.g. offer northernSCOPE™ based training.

You can download the original northernSCOPE® brochure here or contact Pekka Forselius for further details.

FiSMA 1.1 Functional Size Measurement Method

FiSMA 1.1 Functional Size Measurement Method, published as ISO/IEC 29881.

Basic rules of the method are documented in Introduction to FiSMA 1.1 Functional Size Method with examples

FiSMA maintains guidelines for FiSMA 1.1 method users. Currently available guides:

Other publicly available FiSMA estimation method specifications:

Tools support for FiSMA 1.1 size measurement and estimation methods

Experience® Service is a web-based software as a service tool fully supporting use of northernSCOPE™ concept, including use of functional size measurement and other estimation methods. More about the tool at