About SPIN (Software Process Improvement Network)

The FiSMA SPIN is a network for exchanging experiences. All members are professionals and active practitioners of Software Process Improvement. The SPIN offers an opportunity for people working in the Helsinki capital area or somewhere farer-off to get together on a regular basis to exchange ideas and experiences on the broad topic of Software Process Improvement.

The SPIN is an open network hosted by FiSMA and the content is mainly based on voluntary contributions by our network members. Based on member’s interests and topics of common interest we agree events and activities for the next upcoming period. FiSMA takes care of administration of the SPIN and FiSMA together with the SPIN Chair define the events and activities based on input and contributions from members (that’s you!).

You are welcome to try it out!

If you want to know more about what this is all about you are very welcome to join one of our events or activities! Just let us know before you join by contacting mitro.kivinen () fisma.fi.


The tradition of SPIN groups started with the process improvement approach to improving process and product quality. It became popular for practitioners in the same local area to meet and exchange experiences on a regular basis. Some networks are completely independent and voluntary whereas others are associated with various professional and scientific organizations. FiSMA is hosting the SPIN network in Finland.

What happens in practice?

Once you have joined you will be added to the SPIN distribution list and receive invitations and calls for contributions on a regular basis. You will also have access to many valuable information sources, including minutes and materials from past SPIN events.

How to contribute?

Contributing is very simple. Please either contact us directly or attend one of our events and bring up your ideas there. It can be as simple as a question, a topic to discuss or a short presentation. The best criterion for a good topic is that it’s something that you yourself find interesting.

It’s great to have the opportunity to exchange views with professional colleagues – we look forward to seeing you and hearing about your views and ideas!

SPIN events and activities

Typically we have had 10-15 participants and in some cases even more. Our workshops have been really popular among FiSMA members!

HOW TO JOIN: As part of a company membership

Many Finnish companies and universities are already FiSMA members. If your company is a member of FiSMA you are free to join the SPIN activities. You are already a member!

HOW TO JOIN: Individual membership

Additionally, there is an option to join as an individual member.