SPICE 2013 4 – 6.6. Bremen, Saksa

SPICE 2013
The 13th International SPICE Conference
Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
Bremen, Germany
4 – 6 June 2013

The SPICE User Group is pleased to announce the thirteenth International SPICE Conference on Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination in Software, Systems Engineering and Service Management, to be held at Bremen, Germany from 5 – 6 June 2013. The conference will be preceded by a Workshops and Tutorials day on 4 June 2013.
This major conference is hosted on behalf of The SPICE User Group by TZI – University of Bremen. The conference marks 20 years since the beginning of the SPICE Project.
The 2013 Conference will have special tracks for Automotive systems and software; Medical device systems and software; Innovation, knowledge and technology transfer; and Enterprise systems. It will also focus on the emerging ISO/IEC 33001-99 series which is the revision of the ISO/IEC 15504 family of related Standards; given the significance of the 20th anniversary, it is planned to include a special session on the history of the initiative.
Papers and presentations related to process assessment, improvement and risk determination are specifically invited for the 2013 SPICE conference. Submissions are sought in the following categories:

Research Papers

Research papers should describe innovative and significant work in process modelling, assessment and improvement, particularly relating to the application of the Standards for Process Assessment, which is relevant across the information technology industry generally. Papers should comprise 10 – 12 pages.

Industrial Experience Reports

Reports on practical experiences related to process assessment and improvement across the domains of software engineering, systems engineering and IT service management are sought; an extended abstract (up to 4 pages) should be submitted.

Workshops and Tutorials

Proposals for half-day or one-day workshops or tutorials are welcomed. Tutorials should address a specified topic in the scope of the Conference, from a presenter of acknowledged expertise. Workshops may include several short discussion papers from interested participants. Tutorials and Workshops will be held on 4 June 2013, the day preceding the conference.
The breadth of the application of the standardised approach to process assessment remains a topic of considerable interest, from both a practical and theoretical perspective; and so, accordingly, the SPICE 2013 Conference seeks contributions specifically relating to the following areas of application:
• Automotive systems and software;
• Aerospace systems and software;
• Medical device systems and software;
• Innovation, knowledge and technology transfer
• Enterprise systems;
• IT service management;
• Safety-related systems and software;
• Linking Product Quality Engineering to Process Improvement
• Test process improvement;
• Financial institutions and banks;
• Outsourcing organisations;
• Small and very small enterprises.