Research Forum

FiSMA supports research in SPI by organising a special interest group for researchers within SPI and measurement, process quality and standards, and other stakeholders of research projects.

Research Forum has 3-4 meetings a year including workshops to develop research programs in the interest areas of FiSMA. The aim is to coordinate research, develop research ideas and promote cooperation with FiSMA members: universities, companies and authorities. Research results are presented in the meetings.

Research Forum also coordinates the publication of FiSMA Newsletter that presents members, research projects, results and ideas.

The benefits in participation include:

  • Effective research results, credibility of the research, focused funding opportunities, international support for dissemination and cooperation
  • Equal opportunities for all research groups
  • State-of-the-art content for FiSMA

FiSMA also participates in research projects that support the overall FiSMA goals.